GMPBasic installation files

The GMPBasic software program utilizes the Windows operating system 

1. Install - SQL 2012 Expr 64 bit Database for GMPBasic

2. Install - SQL Sys Clr Types 64 bit 2012

3. Install - sqlcli 64 bit 2012

4. Install - Report Viewer 2012

5. Install - current GMPBasic  
(download, extract and install current version)

After your GMPBasic installation is completed, ensure to register your GMPBasic profile
Complete Pages 1 & 2, REMEMBER your User name and Password
Fields marked with an asterix need some information entered

Ensure to Import and download the lookup tables before starting to work with your GMPBasic version.
You will need an annual valid cost effective GMPBasic Activation Key from GMP Traceability - GMP Contact
GMP traceability provides remote support and training 

Please stop by again. Thank you for your interest!