GMPBasic livestock management system

The GMP ear tags that are produced by the system are dispatched to the livestock owner.
As soon as the producer has received the ear tags a GMP Tag Manager dispatch e-mail is produced.

  • The producer receives an e-mail notification with the reference number for the GMP ear tags that have been purchased
  • These numbers are then imported into the user's GMPBasic software system
  • From here the owner can start to tag and register the GMP ear tags against the relevant animals
  • Manage your animals:
    - Setup animal locations / groups
    - Dispatch locations (external destinations)
    - Suppliers (Via GMP Database or New animals)
    - Consultants
    - Calendar actions

    - Register animals into GMPBasic
    - Dispatch animals
    - Weigh animals
    - Treat animals
    - Apply procedures
    - Breeding records
    - Pregnancy records
    - Close animals
    - Enquiries / Manage animals Dash board
    - Report creator
    - Weight logs
    - Reproduction performance
    - Import Dispatched animals
    - Import Dispatched tags
    - Replace animal tags
    - Backup to Central D-base
    - Create local backup


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